MC Eiht, WC & DJ Premier Form An East/West Connection In Crazy Toones’ Final Video

In January of this year, Hip-Hop lost a talented DJ and producer in Crazy Toones. Passing away on the ninth day of the year, Toones was part of WC & The M.a.a.D Circle (‘Dub is his brother) and worked with Ice Cube, Westside Connection, and Kurupt. Part of MC Eiht’s Which Way Iz West album (June 9), Toones was with WC for the video single “Represent Like This.” Filmed at the top of the year, this song is the final music video appearance for a 25-plus-year Hip-Hop vet, and a well-liked talent across music.

Reuniting WC and Preemo (who were together for Gang Starr’s “The Militia Remix”), the song is high energetic coast-crossing. The iconography of classic L.A. Gangsta Rap is there with ’63 and ’67 Chevy Impala lowriders, black tees, and Converse Chuck Taylors under black pants. Preemo scratches on the beat by Austria’s Brenk Sinatra, while ‘Dub and Eiht get busy on how to show your pride and support the lyricists who made great music in the ’90s, 2000s, and today.

Respect The DJ: Ice Cube Refuses To Replace The Late DJ Crazy Toones On Stage (Video)

Besides the late Toones, the video features King T, C.M.W. member Tha Chill, and others. The Year Round Records/Blue Stamp Official album features four Preemo-productions, in addition to appearances by Kurupt, The Lady Of Rage, Big Mike, Tha Outlawz, and a Compton’s Most Wanted reunion.