Mysonne Rips Future’s Mask Off And Says He’s A Fiend (Audio)

Over the last several weeks, there have been a number of freestyles using Future’s ubiquitous “Mask Off,” but none quite like this. Mysonne, the one-time Def Jam artist whose promising career was derailed by a 7-year prison stint for armed robbery, has taken Future’s song and used his own words to question not only Future’s integrity, but that of an entire battalion of rappers promoting substance abuse as a badge of honor.

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As many know, a large swath of Future’s song is driven by a refrain of “Percocets. Molly, Percocets. Percocets. Molly, Percocets” and “Mask on. F*ck it, mask off. Mask on. F*ck it, mask off.” From the outset of his freestyle, Mysonne attacks these core themes of the song. “Ni**a tell you ‘Molly, Percocet, huh? That’s what they said? I heard you,” he says, in a spoken intro, before launching into his rap. “I ain’t gotta take a mask off, ’cause I ain’t never put a mask on. Real ni**as don’t hide they face. That fake sh*t ain’t gon’ last long.

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His bars are more complicated than a diss record aimed at Future. They are intended to educate listeners and expose what Mysonne sees as destructive fakery in Hip-Hop. He raps “These ni**as y’all follow is in the fast lane, going nowhere. Got you on the path to crash, so they don’t care. Try to tell you, but you don’t hear. Can’t see and it’s so clear. Real riders don’t co-sign no fake sh*t nowhere.” In verse 2, he speaks even more directly, rapping “I ain’t tryin’ to offend y’all, but I ain’t here to pretend, y’all. Anybody tell you to take that sh*t, they ain’t your friend, y’all. Strongly recommend y’all start re-aligning your circle. Surround yourself by the wrong ones too long, that sh*t gon’ hurt you.”

It’s in the outro, however, where Mysonne reserves his strongest words for Future and others advocating substance abuse. “Molly, percosets. These ni**as is crazy. Uppers AND downers, huh? Take ’em both. Blow your heart up. Listen, man. I wasn’t born last night…These ni**as will piss on you and tell you it’s raining. Good luck with that. Pecosets. You on percosets. Pecosets? What? You on percosets? You a fiend, ni**a. You a fiend.”