Papoose Blacks Out On A Remix With Rick Ross That’s No Bull (Audio)

Last year, Papoose dropped one of the strongest singles of his career. Not yet attached to any album, video single “Back On My B.S.” was 100% welcomed. The track featuring extended family Fat Joe and Jaquae put the Brooklyn, New York spitter’s fast-rap talents on a tremendous beat, and let him go for broke.

The MC who learned the game from guys like Kool G Rap and DJ Kay Slay is still delivering his brand of B.S. A new remix invites Rick Ross to the track. Papoose redoes his whole verse, and seems to put even more turbo towards his delivery. Affirming his marriage with Remy Ma, Pap’ also weaves in his longtime bond with Maybach Music Group’s founder in the song.


Remy Ma & Papoose Are Hip-Hop’s Real Bonnie & Clyde. No Couple Has Better Bars (Video)

Ross does not try to spit the fast rap. However, he commands the Tai Stick-produced track with some clowning lines towards everybody who has a problem with him. R.R. also uses the moment to signify the guys’ friendship for years. While Papoose has made songs praised by lyric lovers and memorable mixtape moments, this balances those abilities with a song that leans to radio.