Ras Kass Spits Dragon Fire In His “Game Of Thrones” Season 6 Recap (Video)

Over the last 6 years, few television shows have captured the cultural Zeitgeist like HBO’s Game Of Thrones. In fact, the epic drama that was adapted from fantasy novels created by George R. R. Martin has grown into the number 1 show on pay television, the lone series preventing 50 Cent’s Power from claiming the iron throne.

The reasons for the show’s popularity are plentiful. It has a massive cast of colorful characters, is filled with sex, violence and intrigue, and has shown time and time again that no character is safe, no matter how popular or seemingly integral to the storyline. In a time when much of Hollywood is predictable, driven by super heroes and installments of established franchises, Game Of Thrones is refreshingly original. As such, it has garnered the attention and acclaim of millions of fans.

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Ras Kass counts himself as one of those fans, and he is a true student of the show. In fact, the super lyrical MC has taken it upon himself to create a recap of Game Of Throne’s Season 6, in anticipation of July 16’s premiere of Season 7. What Ras Kass does in his summary is astounding. He is able to unpack one of the most complicated shows in TV history, and distill an entire season of plot lines clearly and succinctly…in verse. His recap also is assisted by some sharp editing from Rico Lee. He and Ras obviously spent quite amount of time piecing the clip together.

As the countdown to Season 7 begins, here’s a look at the official trailer.

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