Dillon Cooper Doesn’t Scare Easily & Turns A Blind Eye To His Competition (Video)

Dillon Cooper is a Crown Heights, Brooklyn rapper who sound and look familiar to fans of the Hip-Hop inspired Netflix series, The Get Down, for which he contributed to the official soundtrack and played a supporting role as a young Grandmaster Caz. Also an accomplished musician,he attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, where he mastered his already prodigious guitar and piano talents. As an MC, he has amassed some impressive accolades, landing an opening slot on Raekwon and Ghostface Killah’s historic Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…20th anniversary tour in 2015, and scoring more than four-million views on his “State of Elevation” video alone.

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With a growing body of work dating back to 2013’s Cozmik mixtape (which features Cooper’s lyrical prowess atop beats that will delight any fan of East Coast boom-bap), the 24-year-old most recently dropped a music video for “Blind,” a record released in 2016 which Cooper describes as being centered on the fact that he’s “blind to the bulls**t. SIMPLE as that.” Produced by Ryan “RYU” Alexy and Dave “D.K.A.D.” Kovacs of SQDRN (pronounced “squadron”), the song’s video is directed by Pete Quandt and Leroy Farrell and features nods to classic horror flicks. Clowns, masked murderers, and abandoned buildings are not enough to scare Coop’ off, and it’s clear he’s determined to haunt anyone who dares cross his path (“Hide behind the screen and trollin’, twitter fingers/I ain’t got the patience, shit I’m takin’ victims/I been so tolerant/Livin’ in a world that feedin’ off of greed and politics/I don’t give a fuck about another man’s acknowledgement/What you think this is, you think I’m needin’ all your sponsorships?”).

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More of Dillon Cooper’s skillful raps can be heard on his sophomore tape, X.XX, which features Denzel Curry, Azizi Gibson, and more.

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