Redman Is Working HARD On Muddy Waters 2 & It Sounds Like Fire (Video)

For Redman fans, Muddy Waters 2, the sequel to his beloved 1996 album, is starting to take on a lore rivaling mythic albums like Dr. Dre’s now-scrapped Detox, and Jay Electroncia’s debut album. Redman teased the album, back in 2013, and even released a prelude mixtape. Now, nearly 4 years have passed, and the album has yet to arrive. From the looks of some videos that Redman recently posted on his Instagram account, however, it looks like that might be about to change.

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In a clip that seems part Rocky movie and part MTV Cribs, Reggie Noble is sounding mad motivated. “I love to f*ckin’ work!,” he says. “If I could work everyday with no sleep, I would work my f*ckin’ ass off, because I love maximizing my capabilities. I love maximizing my creativity! If I ain’t being a good dad to my kids, or in the gym, I’m f*ckin’ working.” And, in an amazing moment, he shows just how real the grind is, even for a Hip-Hop legend like himself. “You want the best results of your music,” he asks? “Learn to engineer yourself. Take a year off and learn that sh*t. You see the board right here? I record from the board and I run to the mic. It’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but I get the sh*t done.” From there, he gives a mini-tour of his crib in 2017, and best believe it’s still funky.

But, what’s got Redman working so hard, you ask? The answer also lies in his Instagram account. Over the last week and a half, he has dropped two snippets that he indicates are from Muddy Waters 2. In one clip, he unveils a song that he says is produced by Vinyl Frontiers, from overseas. Redman opens the clip with the same mantra of “Work! Work! Work!” that dominates his motivational speech.

In another video, Redman previews a song titled “Oh My God.” In the caption for that post, he says “MUDDY WATERS 2 COMING SOON!”


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While Redman has been verbal and active about his long-awaited sequel in the past, he sounds like he is inspired and on his grind as much as he has been in years. Hopefully, Muddy Waters 2 will see its debut in 2017.