Action Bronson Breathes Fire Over A Fat Boys Classic (Audio)

It’s hard to say if Action Bronson is more recognized for his show hosting or his music at this point. Having taken his “delicious” show from web to cable, Bam Bam is a true multifaceted brand. However, the Queens, New Yorker never put down his passion for whimsical rhymes. Bronson is fast at work on Blue Chips 7000, his third installment in the acclaimed series.

The first Blue Chips dropped in the first quarter of 2012, a completely different chapter in the Atlantic/VICE artist’s career. However, based on Blue Chips 7000‘s first single, “Let Me Breathe,” the style and game are in tact. The label appears to be involved, but the rules haven’t changed. Action still covers some classics. In this case, the burly MC takes on “The Fat Boys Are Back.” And he could never be wack. As was always the case in the series, the rhymes focus on lush lounging, pushing exotic rides, and being a heart-breaker to the ladies.

Action Bronson Is About To Be A Dating Matchmaker. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

Whereas the first two Blue Chips were Party Supplies productions, this one goes to frequent Bronson collaborator Harry Fraud, who made Saab Stories with him.

Speaking with Zane Lowe (who premiered the , Action confirmed that Rick Ross and close affiliates Big Body Bes and Meyhem Lauren are set to appear.