Action Bronson Is About To Be A Dating Matchmaker. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

UPDATE: The official trailer for Action Bronson’s Hungry Hearts:

ORIGINAL MARCH 14 STORY: Action Bronson has been one of the most successful 2010s Hip-Hop stars to branch out in media beyond music. While the VICE/Atlantic Records MC is presumably working on his follow-up to 2015’s Top 5 Mr. Wonderful, the Queens, New Yorker has taken web series, F*ck That’s Delicious to VICE’s cable platform. Now, the professional cook-turned-major label MC is going to host a dating show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hungry Hearts With Action Bronson will be one of the first series on Snap Chat. The MC who has made relationship-driven songs such as “Baby Blue” and “Love Letter,” will take his humor and insights to Hungry Hearts. The rapper will send people on curated dates that feature pre-planned activities and meals. Per the report, “Bronson will give Snapchat viewers a play-by-play of the dates and predict who will go out again before the outcome of each meeting is revealed.” Eight episodes have been ordered. VICE will help produce the app show.

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While Bronson has become one of VICE’s most recognized stars through F*ck That’s Delicious, his older lyrics, including views on sex and relationships have been controversial. Last year, the MC was removed from a George Washington University concert following a newspaper op-ed citing homophobic and misogynistic lyrics specifically in song “Consensual Rape.” Bronson responded by letter condemning homophobia and all violence against women.

In the last year, Action worked with Outdoorsmen band-mates Meyhem Lauren and AG Da Coroner. He also released “Durag vs. Headband,” the Alchemist-produced video single. Last year, Bam Bam and Lauren freestyled alongside another renowned game show host, Wayne Brady on Shade 45.