Big Boi Shows His Boomiverse Is Filled With Space Aged Funk (Audio)

For the last 25 years, Big Boi has been one of Hip-Hop’s leading proponents of Funk music. Multiple times, the Outkast co-founder has even worked with “Dr. Funkenstein” himself, Parliament-Funkadelic’s George Clinton. Since 2010, stepping into his solo catalog, Daddy Fat Sax struck a hit with some futuristic funking around on “Shutterbug.” That track was met with the highest solo charting of the MC’s discography.

Approaching this week’s Boomiverse LP, Big Boi still knows how to let loose within the bass and percussion. “Chocolate” is a rich and decadent groove. Featuring Troze, the song plays with the metaphor of chocolate being a temptress. Meanwhile, the veteran has no problem putting substance in his non-sequitur wordplay. “I feel my sweet tooth actin’ up / All I need is you to go ‘head and back it up / Honey paper sack, hell yeah, I’m Black enough / Never holla ‘man down’ ’cause we standin’ up / Standing Rock / Chief Pretty B / ‘Stay litty,’ little ni**a, is you sh*ttin’ me?” The pulsating drums and repetitive chorus go extra hard, while an extra percussion section inter-plays with the MC’s double-time delivery.

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For fans of Electronic Dance Music, this is a great Hip-Hop entry that works the floor. He even instructs listeners to “go and get the glow sticks” at the end of this post-Funk thumper.

#BonusBeat: Big Boi discussed his favorite three artists with Mass Appeal. They are, in order, Bob Marley, Kate Bush and N.W.A.:

Daddy Fat Sax says he had dinner with Kate Bush in the last month. He admits that her “Running Up That Hill” is a song that he wishes he wrote.