MF DOOM & Danger Mouse Drop A Never Before Released Song (Audio)

When MF DOOM and Danger Mouse branded themselves as DANGERDOOM for their 2005 debut The Mouse and the Mask, the duo unleashed one of Hip-Hop’s most exciting partnerships. Both somewhat mysterious and notoriously lowkey, the two innovators have yet to release another LP. A 2006 EP – Occult Hymn – whetted appetites a bit, but up until they released a reissue of their first album earlier this year, it seemed new material from DANGERDOOM was a dream Heads would have to relinquish.

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With Black Thought in tow, Metal Fingers and Mr. Mouse released the first of two previously unheard tracks, “Mad Nice,” to commemorate The Mouse and the Mask‘s rerelease. Today (June 23), eager fans are being treated to the second, “Spokesman.” On it, DOOM’s lyrics dance over the movie-like backdrop of Danger Mouse’s lush production. In many ways, it’s the epitome of what made their partnership so exciting in the first place; the complexity of DOOM’s technical skill is masked in its lumbering nature while the clean, almost Classical beat paints a picture that shouldn’t at all match. But, of course, it matches perfectly. In fact, DOOM addresses their prolific matchup, rapping “Before I was so rudely interrupted/About to say the beat how crudely it was constructed/Knowin’ this dude, he did it on purpose/Sped up the track so I could spit it all nervous.”

“Spokesman,” “Mad Nice,” and much more collectible material is available to those who pick up one of the few remaining copies of the special edition of The Mouse and the Mask.