Eric B. & Rakim Are Reuniting To Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of Paid In Full (Audio)

Eric B. & Rakim are perhaps Hip-Hop’s most revered duo. The Long Island, New York icons are partly responsible for defining the term “timeless classic” as it pertains to Rap music, not once slipping into obscurity since dropping Paid in Full in 1987. Thirty years have since passed, with as many iterations of Rap music rising and falling in favor, but nothing has dulled the shine with which the pair beam, despite not having dropped an LP since 1992’s Don’t Sweat the Technique. Over the years, the two have performed together, and Rakim launched a solo career that places him in the top spot on lists of the greatest to ever touch the mic. But for most fans, the magic of witnessing the two giants as a unit has happened far too sparsely, especially for those too young to have witnessed them at their apex.

But today (June 22), Hip-Hop has something to celebrate.

Eric B. and Rakim both called into Hot97 this morning to announce a reunion performance of epic proportions. “7/7/17 is 30 years since the Paid in Full album. We’re gonna be celebrating live at the Apollo Theater, Eric B. and Rakim and friends,” said Eric B. “It will be a celebration for Hip-Hop.”

When asked if he ever envisioned his legacy to be so outstanding thirty years later, Ra tells Peter Rosenberg “I had no idea it would have an impact like this, man. It’s a blessing to not only be a part of this game but being able to be here thirty years later and have a show and everybody come down, I would have never, never expected that.”

Tickets to the once-in-a-lifetime event have yet to be made available on the venue’s website, but Heads are urged to get ready for them to be on sale tomorrow, June 23.

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Before getting down to the promotional business, however, a few moments were taken to reflect on Prodigy in the wake of his untimely passing just two days ago. “I had a lot of respect for Prodigy,” said the God MC. “He brought the hood to the booth when we was tryin’ to shake this Rap thing into somethin’, and he was one of the cats I respected for bringing the hood to the booth.” Echoing the sentiment, Eric B., who lives in Las Vegas, explains he was at the Art of Rap show where Prodigy would take ill. “One thing about him, you didn’t know that he was sick. He never showed it. He never talked about it. After the show was over, they had some guys that wanted to take pictures, but he was really sick. He wasn’t feeling good. But he said ‘nah, nah, let me just go back and take pictures [with the fans] anyway.'”