Ice Cube’s BIG3 Theme Song Shows He’s Still Trouble On The Court & The Mic (Video)

June 2017 is one busy month for Ice Cube. After re-releasing his Death Certificate album with three new songs, the media mogul is prepared to begin the inaugural season of BIG3 basketball. Fresh out of the booth from those new recordings, Cube gives Allen Iverson, Gary Payton, coach “Dr. J” and others a theme song for their convention-defying 3-on-3 league.

Cube uses his MC skills to promote his latest venture. However, Rap fans can rejoice: it sounds surprisingly hard and cleverly written. The quick verse breaks down items like the 4-point shot circle. Cube then role-calls a series of league stars who appear in the video. “I’m takin’ basketball up out the box / Got the summer on lock / BIG3 on FOX,” rhymes the MC, referring to the Fs1 television deal. The vid’ is promotional content that’s done with care, as Cube historically curls his eyebrow to anything phony. With “doing it big” as the tagline, this visual lives up.

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The league begins its play on June 25, running through August 26’s championship game. Julius Erving, Allen Iverson, Charles Oakley, Jason Williams, Dominique Wilkins, and Kenyon Martin appear. For those looking to decide which BIG3 squad to root for, The Bleacher Report has the recent draft results and team rosters.

Additionally, this song marks an official reunion with longtime collaborator DJ Pooh. It was Pooh who produced smash hit “It Was A Good Day,” which features some basketball references of its own. Furthermore, Cube and his then-DJ/producer would famously make Friday together in 1995. Pooh left the franchise creatively for the two sequels. Both have spoken on reuniting for a fourth film, tentatively titled Last Friday.

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The co-writers/actors have each gone on record stating hope that Chris Tucker (who played “Smokey”) will join them.