Ice Cube Gave “Death Certificate” New Life. “Predator” May Be His Next Prey.

This past Friday (June 9), Ice Cube dropped a 25th anniversary edition of his sophomore solo album, Death Certificate. The MC re-released the 1991 Priority Records platinum LP with three new songs. With two tracks dropping prior to today, it’s clear that Cube’s pen was in a similar space to where he was in his N.W.A. days and his Lench Mob era recording the LP. Video single “Good Cop Bad Cop” addressed racist cops, with their peers overlooking transgressions. Meanwhile, “There’s Only One Me” was a chin-check to the history books now placing Cube at the top of the Greatest MCs list.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Ice Cube suggested that the re-release strategy does not end with Death Certificate. The Los Angeles, California O.G. suggested that its follow up, 1992’s Predator, may be next. “[My upcoming albums are] in various states of completion, so it’s not like I’m just sitting on songs,” said the MC-turned-actor-turned-film producer. It’s all timing. “And we’re close to the Predator 25th anniversary record, so if this proves to be a good formula, I’ll do the same thing for Predator: include three new songs at the front of that. I don’t know if you’re gonna get an album, but you will get new music.”

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Predator, Cube’s third full-length, marked his first #1 album. He kept Death Certificate producers DJ Pooh, Bobcat, Rashad, and Sir Jinx for a Funk-fueled core, as well as added Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs. Notably, Cube’s notable guest was The Hit Squad’s Das-EFX group, crossing the nation. That Priority Records LP produced hits “It Was A Good Day” and “Check Yourself.” Both were Top 20 tracks on the Pop chart. This album is the only of Cube’s career to achieve multi-platinum success, making it has best selling solo work.

Of Hip-Hop’s last 25 years, Cube tells Rolling Stone, “Things move slower than we would like. A record like Death Certificate was really the peak of the era of politically charged Hip-Hop. That window started to close in ’93, and it’s one of the last records of that era. It wasn’t about making you dance at all; it was a record to make you think.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, Ice Cube unpacks some of his new music, updates the status of Last Friday