Phonte Raps About How Both Men & Women Are Losing The Battle Of The Sexes (Audio)

As 2017 marches towards its midpoint, Phonte has not released much music. The MC/singer gave us plenty to work with, care of the stellar Tigallerro collaboration in ’16, with Eric Roberson. Between albums, Tay has made some crucial feature appearances. Strong Arm Steady’s “Best Of Times,” The Roots’ “The Day,” and Oddisee’s “Requiem” are just some examples.

Supporting the collaborative project between German producers JR & PH7 and MC collective St. Joe Louis, Tigallo nails “Invitation.” Within, he spits about how both sexes suffer in the current state of dating, and drops one of his finest verses on the subject:

She say she want some real sh*t / Her heart is hardening / ‘Cause all these ni**as are offering /Is that usual ‘Neflix and chill’ sh*t / She tried Tinder for a week, then hit the kill-switch / These ni**as out here, they just as reckless / To them tell it / These h*es the reason they’re being jilted / They only want you for your free meals and field trips / And that’s the reason why ni**as can never build sh*t / So many clichés get parroted / Let’s change the narrative / I’ll spare you the hurt and you spare me the embarrassment / The art of courtship ain’t got to be no Art Of War sh*t / I’m inviting you to my canvas, let’s paint a portrait.

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St. Joe Louis Spar With JR & PH7’s Beat & A Rugged Rah Digga Guest Verse (Video)

“Invitation” is from June 16’s Coral Cadavers. JR & PH7 have also made music with vets such as Rah Digga and Roc Marciano. Tamisha Waden is also featured on “Invitation.”