Saint Joe Louis Spar With JR & PH7’s Beat & A Rugged Rah Digga Guest Verse (Video)

JR & PH7 and St. Joe Louis have crossed oceans to collaborate, and anchored a strong feature to boot. “Duck Duck Goose” links the German production duo (Phonte, Oddisee, Saigon, Freeway, etc.) with trio of Michael Cardigan, Tommie Chase, and Elete Wright. St. Joe Louis represents the same New Jersey. In turn, the five artists welcome veteran Rah Digga to the mix on a video single that’s truly about showing out.


JR & PH7 Are Beatmakers for Some of Hip-Hop’s Most Respected MCs. Hear Why (EP Stream / Video)

Taking a children’s circle-game, this video single finds each MC trying to make their bars stick to your ribs, on JR & PH7’s slick beat. The track sounds like it could belong in a ’70s film chase sense, with modern drums. Late in the song, the duo scratch up some mid-2000s classic Nas. Tommie, Michael, and Elete bust it up about the attitudes they represent. They stick and move like the original Joe Louis, with rugged rhymes Heads can feel. Rah Digga plays clean-up, shouting out her late collaborator Sean Price as well as her Brick City streets. She proves that her rhymes are sharp as they’ve ever been. The visuals match the tone of the song—rugged, raw, and inspired by skillful Rap.

This maxi-single is from Below System Records.

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