Remy Ma Says Papoose Did Not Write “SHEther.” Do You Believe Her? (Video)

For more than half of 2017, Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have been beefing on wax. The two New York City veteran MCs have attacked one another in a litany of ways: from plastic surgery accusations to jabs at family members to poking fun at first week album sales. What appears to have really struck a nerve however, is when Nicky accused Remy of using her husband to pen one of the beef’s most talked about disses.

I’ve been winning eight years consistently, at least respect it/Papoose wrote a ‘Ether’ record, but I broke Aretha record,” Nicki Minaj spits in a snippet on her 2 Chainz feature to song “Realize.” News of the line broke following a listening session to the Def Jam Records star’s June 16 Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album, though Nicki has been making the accusation for some time.

Remy, who since dissed the YMCMB star while on this past weekend’s Summer Jam stage, replied during an Instagram Live session.

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“You know what’s so crazy? Ni**as [accusing Papoose of writing] for me. First of all, my husband’s dumb nice. Let’s just be clear on that. [He has] been dumb nice. Ni**as ain’t never wanna give him his props,” began the Terror Squad MC. “Now, when ni**as get ‘shethered,’ now all of a sudden he writing my rhymes. Who the f*ck was writing my rhymes before I met him? I met Pap’ after ‘Lean Back,’ after ‘Conceited,’ after ‘Whatever,’ after the ‘Ante Up (Remix),’ after all of my mixtapes. Who was writing my sh*t then? Like, are you f*cking dumb? And I’m bigger than you. [But] it ain’t about who’s bigger, it’s about who’s better. Stupid,” charged the Bronx MC.

Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, Meek Mill, famously accused Drake of using writers. Take a listen for yourself and see if you think Remy has a point, or Nicki:

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This beef shows no signs of easing up.