Action Bronson Makes A Demented Video, With Rhymes That Kick Like Kung Fu

Action Bronson may be remembered for his videos as much as his rhyming and antics, when all is said and done. Last month, the Queens, New York rapper released one of the year’s most outrageous videos in the form of his Fat Boys-sampling “Let Me Breathe.”  He has followed it up with another set of entertaining visuals, less bizarre but just as creative.

Action Bronson Stands Up To Get His Album Released & Flex On A Freestyle (Video)

For “The Chairman’s Intent” (produced by Harry Fraud), Bronson borrows heavily from the 1970s film canon, with grainy images, classic cars and plenty of Kung-Fu. But, of course, the video is ultimately rooted in humor as his work is wont to do, and cheesy effects abound. Sporting a very obvious blond wig and acting against very obvious green screens, he’s a “trained” assassin of some sort who travels by kite and finds himself fighting off various characters. On Twitter, Bronson called the video “my new art” and “THE BEST VIDEO EVER MADE.” Between his definitely East Coast sound and the 1970s Kung-Fu, some Heads may be reminded of early Wu-Tang Clan works – not a bad comparison for an artist whose debut LP arrived only six years ago.

Created by both Action Bronson and Rik Cordero, the video is just the latest taste of Blue Chips 7000 which, until today (July 27) had no release date. Taking to Instagram, Bronson announced the album will arrive on August 25 and is available for pre-order. Not surprisingly, he has loaned his humor to the album’s rollout, as well, most notably in the form of a $5,000 bundle package. For that amount, fans can get an “intimate dinner with Action Bronson at private event space in NYC.”