Action Bronson’s Let Me Breathe Is One Of The Year’s Most Outrageous Videos

In the 2010s, Action Bronson started out as a DIY artist making celebrated Hip-Hop in the streets of Queens, New York. Following a couple independent albums and some additional mixtapes, the MC aligned with VICE. He has since become a TV star through his travel and food program. However, dating back to 2013’s “Strictly 4 My Jeeps,” Bam Bam’s music video game has reached a level that most of his peers cannot touch.

Action’s Blue Chips 7000 will be the third installment of a free mixtape series that made the rapper a sensation to many. However, this time Atlantic Records appears in the fold with him. Artists such as Drake, Meek Mill, and Fabolous have brought the mixtape to major labels. However, the two previous volumes of Party Supplies collaborative Blue Chips were about heavy sampling and free-form fun, making that virtually impossible. Even with new label-backing, little seems lost for Action. “Let Me Breathe” takes Bronson’s Fat Boys-sampling single and pairs it with high production value.

For the video, Bronson assembles a dance troop in a big studio warehouse. While many Rap peers use models, adult film stars, and other alluring sights, Bam Bam recruits a collective of older, less fit men. Still, they have egos to match their apparent experience. Taking on the choreography, Bronson playfully berates the talent to put their goods on display and hit every mark. The affair is set up as a making-of documentary, with bits of the song in between. Bronson likes to have fun, poke fun on what’s predictable in Rap, and do the opposite. For that, “Let Me Breathe” is a breath of fresh air. This is a rapper living out his dream with vivid imagery.

Monster trucks, stage-toss practices (through walls), and slow motion involving confetti and trampolines only add to the effect.

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This single is produced by Saaab Stories partner Harry Fraud. This is same pair from “Strictly 4 My Jeeps.” The upcoming mixtape’s release date is TBA.