Apollo Brown & Planet Asia Are Putting That Stank On Ya With Anchovies (Audio)

Apollo Brown will be adding another project to his already robust collection of collaborative projects, this time with MC Planet Asia. The Mello Music Group producer has already teamed up with Guilty Simpson (Dice Game), OC (Trophies), Ras Kass (Blasphemy), and with Skyzoo on 2016’s standout LP The Easy Truth, released fewer than 10 months ago. The Detroit-based beatmaker and Fresno, California’s Planet Asia will drop Anchovies later this summer, and today (July 25) are serving up its second course.

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“Panties In A Jumble” is a smoldering track that opens with “Somebody oughta air this place out once in a while, the smell of dead fish and stale beer is starting to attract hungry cats,” which sets the tone for the song and, perhaps, for the entire 15-track project. Before he gets to rapping, King Medallions says “Sh*t be so dirty, if you threw water at it, it would turn to mud. This sh*t ain’t for everybody.”

Once he gets to spitting lyrics, it’s clear he’s out to prove why he’s built for it and why other MCs are lacking. “F*ck around and get your face melted / One shot, the whole place felt it / Ni***as ain’t tough, they timid / A buncha suckas, I’m on my double-up / Hustle, my game duffel / Pockets thick like Oprah in The Color Purple / The universe is mental, so if your ass is broke then God is trying to tell you somethin’” is the opening for a song in which he also raps quips like “I’m not a phony artist / So much fugazi that’s goin’ on, these clowns got me feeling like I’m the only artist.

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According to Apollo and his team, he oversaw Anchovies “as if he was directing a movie,” the “vision and concept ironed out and the soundscape set and sequenced.” The title of the album is meant to elicit the senses, too. “Anchovies are a dirty, nasty topping that are entirely distinct; and that matches the guttural production and rhymes which Apollo & Planet Asia provide.”

Anchovies, already available for pre-order, arrives via Mello Music Group on August 25.