Bun B Is Back & He’s Still The Trillest OG (Audio)

It’s been nearly 4 years since Bun B released his last album, Trill OG: The Epilogue. In the time that’s passed, Bun has been quiet on the music scene, using his voice instead to speak out on issues important to him, such as helping victims of last year’s floods in Houston, and celebrating his fallen U.G.K. partner, Pimp C.

Bun B Is Using His Hip-Hop Platform to Help Victims of Houston’s Deadly Floods (Video)

Now, it seems Bun is ready to return, and his opening salvo is as powerful as anything he’s released in years. “Gametime” is just that. Bun is officially checking himself back into the Rap game, and he’s feeling like the MVP. In his opening lines, he acknowledges his absence, rapping “Yeah, b*tch, I’ve been gone but I’m back now/So all you fake muthaf*ckas need to back down/See they been askin’ ‘Where the trillest OG been’/I been holdin’ down the South, smokin’ a G pen.”

By the song’s end, however, he’s made it clear that his hiatus has not left him rusty. He says “I am the trillest, b*tch, you can’t block me, you can’t guard me/You can’t stop me, not even hardly/Don’t make me pop 3 like I’m Horry/’Cause you are not G. B*tch, you sorry/An XBox to Atari/I’m the raw G/Uncut. Never stepped on/Never f*cked over, b*tch/Never slept on/’Cause I’m the old and the new at the same time/So, get ready muthaf*cka ’cause it’s gametime!