Cam’ron Kicks A Freestyle About The Importance Of Ownership & Not Getting Played (Video)

Cam’ron has been relatively quiet in 2017, musically. However, he has stayed active in other ways. In February, Cam and fellow Dipset member, Jim Jones, traded words via separate interviews (and Cam’s live stream) about the deterioration of Dipset and what went wrong between the two estranged friends and business partners. In the midst of it all, Jim Jones joined forces with Cam’s longtime nemesis, JAY-Z, at Roc Nation.

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Cam’ron resurfaced later in February, on a more comical note, as he humorously reversed his steadfast position against snitching, but only with respect to people telling on Donald Trump. Now, Cam responds with another public service announcement of sorts, and this time it’s about the importance of ownership.

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Sitting in a car, recording on his phone, Cam begins speaking about a woman who called him proposing to do a Dipset documentary. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that he’s actually breaking it down via an a capella freestyle. Over the course of nearly 2 minutes, Killa Cam highlights some of the shady practices of the entertainment business, takes another jab at Trump, questions why Michael Rapaport owns A Tribe Called Quest’s documentary, and explains the importance of ownership…all while shooting down the documentary proposal.

Pardon my tone a bit, but a got a bone to pick. I want to talk to y’all about something called ownership,” Cam begins. “See this lady called me up and said ‘Let’s do a Dipset documentary.’ Now, I usually move independently, but this could be the move of the century. She said ‘Yeah, we’ll give you an advance and a percentage once we license it.’ I’m like ‘Here we go. She think I’m slow.’ Look, miss, don’t try the sh*t. She said ‘What?’ I said ‘The conniving sh*t. You starting to sound like Donald Trump’s campaign, and I ain’t buyin’ it. No disrespect. Much respect. But, the offer? I’m declining it.’ You know why? ‘Cause that means she would have owned the movie. A movie called ‘Dipset.’ That ain’t gon’ cut it. How you gon’ give me a cut off of my sh*t?” Cam also talks about how the woman supposedly called Dipset’s Freekey Zekey, in order to try to divide and conquer.

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While Cam has not thrown any shots at JAY-Z as of late, perhaps he has taken a page from Jay’s new 4:44 album, in terms of sharing jewels of wisdom he’s learned over the years. He’s quick to dispel any notions that he’s a conscious rapper, however. “I ain’t no conscious rapper, I’m just a conscious ni**a. When Sony jerked me, it turned me into a monster, ni**a,” he says, just before the close. In any case, game is game.