Fashawn’s Mother Amerikkka Shows A Nation Neglecting 1 Of Its Native Sons (Video)

In less than a month, Fashawn will release his Manna EP (August 18). In preparation, the Fresno, California veteran drops a charged video that looks at the flaws of our nation, especially in its treatment of people of color. The MC creates a metaphor where he is a malnourished son, and his country is a neglecting mother. Fashawn carries this symbolism throughout the song and speaks as a man coming of age, realizing that his parent is not the best. Previously, Fashawn has used his rhymes to talk about his real-life problems at home, including a mother who battled addiction and an incarcerated father.

As he did so stylishly on Boy Meets World, Fash’s video inter-cuts between present day and a young boy, presumably representing a young Santiago. Fashawn has an American flag bandana wrapped around his head, showing his patriotism. However, “Mother AmeriKKKa” shows a nation neglecting its promise.

Fashawn’s raps deal with the politics of organized religion, poverty, racist drug laws, and false idols in Hollywood.

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The EP will release on Mass Appeal Records.