Illa J’s Music Enjoys A Rebirth Right Alongside His City (Video)

Illa J has made plenty of meaningful music over the last 13 years. The Yancey Boys co-founder has rapped and produced, and maintained a strong legacy in his older brother’s (J Dilla) absence. However, like so many blood relations in the music industry, Illa battled comparisons to his legendary late sibling in establishing his own lane

June 30’s Home turns that page. The Detroit, Michigan multi-talent puts his soul in the driver’s seat. The Jakarta Records album emphasizes Illa’s understated singing abilities, with the kind of Soul that defines the Motor City’s legacy.

Illa J Welcomes Listeners Into His & J Dilla’s Childhood Home (Video)

“7 Mile” is a straightforward music video. Illa J jumps in the car and drives through a part of the city that has clearly suffered, but never surrendered. Perhaps there is symbolism there, as he pushes ahead and writes the next chapter in a career simply by letting his soul shine through.

Photo by Emily Berkey.