Kendrick Lamar Dangles Rihanna From A Skyscraper In The Video For “Loyalty”

Every aspect of the rollout for Kendrick Lamar’s album, DAMN. has been extraordinary. The campaign kicked off with a single Instagram post bearing the Roman numeral “IV,” the title for a surprise song at the end of which Kendrick announced the forthcoming LP. When the album, itself, was released on Good Friday, it was accompanied by theories that it would be followed by a second album on Easter Sunday, with DAMN. symbolizing Kendrick’s death and the subsequent album representing his re-birth. Two weeks later, Ambrosia For Heads proposed a theory that Kendrick did, indeed, release what were effectively 2 albums, with DAMN. being designed to be heard both in forward and reverse order, and yielding two very different answers to the question of if it’s “weakness or wickedness.”

The Rumors Were Right. Kendrick Lamar DID Release 2 New Albums.

As head-spinning as the music has been, particularly with songs like the autobiographical “DUCKWORTH.” (on which Kendrick details the true story of how Top Dawg, Kendrick’s mentor and the owner of his record label, plotted to rob and possibly kill Kendrick’s father decades ago), the visuals accompanying the sonics have been equally compelling. The video for lead single “HUMBLE.,” depicted Kendrick with his head literally on fire. From there, things only got bigger, as “Kung Fu Kenny” faced off against Don Cheadle, who played the character who inspired Kendrick’s nickname in the film Rush Hour 2, in the video for “DNA.” Next, Kendrick used a series of Gordon Parks photos for inspiration, as he made supreme violence “look sexy” in the video for “ELEMENT.

Now, the good kid from the mad city teams up with Rihanna in the sensual and depraved visual for “LOYALTY.” Although JAY-Z and Beyonce recorded┬áthe song “Crazy In Love,” this video shows embodies the madness that sometimes ensues in┬áthe heat of passion. Throughout the video, Kendrick and Rihanna raise the stakes as they prove their devotion to one another. In one instance, Kendrick picks a fight with a man nearly twice his size, at Bad Girl RiRi’s instance. In another scene, he asks her to demonstrate her trust by allowing him to dangle her from a skyscraper.

More than Bonnie and Clyde, these two are Mickey and Mallory. Buckle up, and enjoy the ride.