Vic Mensa Wilds Out On Method Man & Nick Cannon With A Savage Freestyle (Video)

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Vic Mensa is the latest guest on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out show. Promoting his Manuscript EP, the Roc Nation MC participated in one of the show’s longstanding Rap battles. With Method Man on stage, Mensa was out to annihilate the competition on behalf of his team.

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Thus, the Chicago, Illinois native went for broke in the competitive battle. However, to his professional peers, Mensa did not use kid gloves (not that he should). To show host Nick Cannon, Vic spits, “You buried yourself, you should’ve brought your own shovel / Ever since Mariah found a ni**a on her own level / I don’t mean to go back and bring up your divorce / But how that work? Does she have to pay you child support? / Now you think you stylin’, this is embarassin’ / With that turban on, you look like a swagged out terrorist.” Nick laughs at the Mariah Carey jab, perhaps knowing his show battles are being kicked up a notch.

Walking through the stage, Mensa outs members of Nick’s team, making fun of body types, haircuts, and more. When he gets to the M-E-T-H, he busts, “And Method Man a legend, but you know I got to kill him / Your career is old, I thought Wu-Tang was for the children / Consider this verse as a PSA / How the f*ck you get them shoes through TSA?” The crowd erupts, and Method Man cracks a smile, in regards to his spiked hi-tops.

The red team then gets their turn, dissing the fact that most people don’t know a Mensa song. Cannon swings back hard too, “Man, all that rah-rah, gun talk, man you can keep it / Wild ‘N Out, let me tell you about Vicky’s little secret / Matter of fact, I heard you and Selena Gomez is beefin’ / ‘Cause last week, I heard you was f*ckin’ The Weeknd.

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More battles take place. Unfortunately, the Wu-Tang MC does not get his chance to respond in the clip from the MTV program.