Vic Mensa Holds Nothing Back On His New Single. The Autobiography Is Personal (Audio)

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This Throwback Playlist Celebrates The Hip-Hop That Is Never Played-Out. (Audio)

Vic Mensa is preparing his solo debut, The Autobiography for July 28. The 24-year-old Roc Nation sensation has fed the masses with plenty of celebrated music since his time with Kids These Days. His memoir-themed album shows a new level for the Chicago, Illinois native and a distinct chamber. First single “Wings” involves two genre-defying talents: Pharrell Williams and Saul Williams. However, it is completely Vic’s show. The song sorts the chaos inside Vic’s mind, as he quests for peace and improvement. The MC/singer laments the stress, betrayal, and pressures he faces daily. Specifically, he addresses pill addiction, a complicated inner-circle, failed romantic relationships, and defining a legacy. Mensa questions if he will ever learn to fly. The beat is dynamic, and something that sets the table for Vic to share the turbulent interior monologue that often prevents him from flight. He presents the hatred, anger, and low self-esteem he battles within. At the verse’s end, he cleverly uses “flight” in a different, darker way. P and Saul then join Vic in transforming the song into a cathartic release. This is not unlike the honesty, conviction, and crescendo of one of Vic’s breakthrough songs, 2014’s “Down On My Luck.” This time, it’s all about rapping, but still from the heart (and mind). The Autobiography prepares to be an open book.

In addition to new Vic, the playlist has been updated with highlights from Chris Rivers’ just-released debut, Delorean. Mensa and Big Pun’s son join a playlist with some exceptional new music from Kendrick Lamar, Logic, Jadakiss, Nas, Joey Bada$$, Evidence, J. Cole, Big Sean, Freddie Gibbs, Raekwon, Devin The Dude, David Banner and a host of others.