Bun B Secures A Boat To Rescue Pimp C’s Son From Harvey In Houston (Audio)

For the last several days, the catastrophic effects of Tropical Storm Harvey on Texas and Louisiana have become increasingly dire. Although the rains, which have dumped as much as 50 inches of precipitation on cities like Houston, have subsided the flooding and destruction continues as dams in the area have become overwhelmed. Houston native Bun B is on the ground in his hometown, and he has become one of Hip-Hop’s primary spokespeople for what is happening in the city.

Yesterday, Bun called in to the Sway In The Morning show and spoke with Heather B about just how devastated the city is. “The civic center in Port Arthur was the main shelter for people in the city, but they had no food. They had no water for people. And, now, the water is in the shelter. They have 3 feet of water in the shelter, so they’ve had to put people up in the bleachers. So now they’ve got to move all those people out of there. Apartment buildings are on fire. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know if ‘catastrophic’ is even the term, when an entire city is submerged,” Bun said with a heavy heart. Bun also noted that the damage was not just in Houston, but had affected several other cities in Texas, as well. Emphasizing just how critical the situation was, Bun said “This is about survival, at this moment. This is about literally not dying in the moment. Obviously, we want to be concerned about food and water, but, initially, we just don’t want people to die.”

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After talking about what is happening right now, Bun shared his thoughts on some of the problems that are forthcoming in the aftermath of the storm. One of the things he discussed was the growing concern about wildlife. “About 20 miles outside of Port Arthur is an alligator farm with over 300 alligators. Several days ago, this man went on TV and pleaded for people to help him…He was like ‘If the water gets an inch and a half higher, all of these alligators will be able to cross over and escape.’ And, they got 25 inches in 24 hours yesterday. So, you’ve got 300 plus alligators just unaccounted for right now. And they’re going to breed, and and then that’s going to be an issue 5 to 7 months down the road. They hibernate in the Winter, so it won’t be so crazy, but then, come next Spring–because they’re going to mate, they’re going to lay eggs all over that area–come next Spring we’re going to have that influx of gator infestation.”

Amidst the grisly details, Bun did offer some good news. One of the people severely affected by the storm was Chad Butler, Jr., the oldest son of Bun’s UGK co-founder, Pimp C. Bun mentioned the rescue efforts he was able to coordinate yesterday in order to bring Chad, Jr. to safety. “We spent the early hours of this morning trying to get a boat to Pimp C’s son. Pimp C’s son was stuck in his garage on top of his car for a couple of hours this morning, because the house that Pimp grew up in, Pimp’s mom’s house, is built on the back of a reservoir–like, literally connected to the reservoir.”

As Bun’s rescue efforts continue, he and his wife have set up an Instagram page to keep people updated on what is happening in Texas and to provide information on how people can help. He is asking people to follow @1ugkwifey for updates on where people can make donations and provide resources. Bun also mentioned that he and manager Scooter Braun (Justin Bieber) are in the early stages of putting together a benefit for Houston.