Jazzy Jeff Shows He’s Not Just A DJ. He’s A Master Producer Too (Video)

DJ Jazzy Jeff is not just one of Hip-Hop’s most celebrated turntablists and party-rocking DJs, he’s a highly accomplished producer. The West Philly force was behind the sounds on those acclaimed, Grammy Award-winning moments alongside The Fresh Prince. In the years since, Jeff has unleashed a series of celebrated albums, while also working with The Roots, Rhymefest, and some of Oddisee’s earliest records.

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Mass Appeal‘s “Rhythm Roulette” puts Jeff to the test. Only, he cannot go into the record store—so they brings the crates to him. At Jeff’s home studio outside of the Illadelph, cult-lauded record dealer Gene Brown packs the van with vinyl and stops by. From inside the Transporter, Jeff blindfolds himself and pulls from elite stacks of wax. One of the blindly selected rarities, as Jeff remarks later, was used in his days with Will Smith.

Jeff goes sifting through the grooves, using some unique hardware (and Serato software). Around 7:00, he has his beat. He brings in his latest MC protege, Philly’s Dayne Jordan to bless the track. The lyricist does just that. “Trust The Process” is a symbolic takeaway for this experience, as Jordan spits some stream of consciousness rhymes. This artist is something special, with a great mentor in his corner. Jeff gets on the cuts to bring the song’s energy up, and make it sounds extra official.

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In February, Jazzy Jeff released his Chasing Goosebumps project, available for full stream at Ambrosia For Heads.

This is the Magic Disco Machine track that Jeff contends features some pre-Rap-era scratching. However, it appears this is the more common, faster version. Heads may immediately recognize this from a plethora of samples:

This released through the Motown label in 1975.