DOOM Drops Rhymes Like Old Shoes On His Latest Notebook Release (Audio)

DOOM’s The Missing Notebook Rhymes series pushes onward. The fourth installment in the Adult Swim weekly campaign is just that: “Notebook 3.” The Supervillain cracks his composition book and pulls out some verses that appear to be in that trademark stream of consciousness.

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In the three-minute song, the prolific MC/producer rhymes about his past, and details his “absurd” rhyme style in the third person, claiming “He was as sarcastic as Paul Mooney.” Whether it was during a DOOM hiatus or at times when the KMD front-man was churning out releases within the indie label system, he apparently stayed cataloging “rhymes like dimes,” and this one spends nicely.

There is no indication who produced this track, following last week’s Alchemist-laced “DOOMSAYER” collabo.

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#BonusBeat: An Ambrosia For Heads breakdown on just what DOOM is up to:

This Last 7 clip released earlier this month.