DOOM Revives KMD With A Jay Electronica Collabo (Audio)

Long before MF DOOM was a name known and celebrated by Rap fans, there was a KMD. The Elektra Records trio consisted of Zev Love X (nka DOOM), brother DJ Subroc, and Onyx The Birthstone Kid. Formed in New York City during the late 1980s, the group would subsequently sign to Elektra Records. There, the acronym for Kausing Much Damage released 1991’s Mr. Hood. That whimsical but politically and socially-minded LP featured involvement from Brand Nubian, and Dante Ross’ Stimulated Dummies production squad. Although not a commercial smash, demand for the album over time has led to reissues. Outside of the album, Zev Love and Subroc produced for 3rd Bass, and affiliates such as MF Grimm and Kurious Jorge.

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Upon working on a follow-up album, the group faced tragedy. Black Bastards, intended for 1993-1994 release, would be halted due to reported label push-back over its title, artwork, and lyrical content. During this period, Onyx exited the group. In April of ’93, Subroc was killed while attempting to cross the Long Island Expressway. Soon after, the label parted ways with KMD. Mourning, Zev Love X would reportedly battle his own demons in the streets of New York in recluse. After this hiatus, the MC/producer re-appeared as “MF DOOM.” Exhibiting a metal faced mask, DOOM reportedly veiled his identity as a reminder of his deceased brother’s similar facial features. During this period, Black Bastards would surface, as would the Operation Doomsday album that recharged the artist’s career. DOOM built upon his style, and used compound rhymes, and a technical delivery to deal with his suffering.

More than 20 years later, DOOM has revived KMD. As part of his 15-week The Missing Notebook Rhymes singles program with Adult Swim, the super-villain released #2 this week: “True Lightyears” with Jay Electronica. To the surprise of many, the track and corresponding press release index the song as “KMD featuring Jay Electronica and DOOM.” Jay Elect’ kicks things off, spitting jewels and addressing his label, New Orleans upbringing, and more. DOOM then digs into the energetic beat with a series of compound rhymes that big up his style while weaving in Al Gore, cased meats, and legendary Hip-Hop documentary Style Wars.

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At 2016’s South By Southwest DOOMstarks concert, a new DOOM collaboration featuring Jay Electronica was played. That video has since been removed.

According to the Adult Swim press release, “True Lightyears” belongs to Crack In Time, the forthcoming KMD album. Marking the third release under the name, no dates were given. However, the label is confirmed as DOOM’s MetalFace imprint, as well as Nature Sounds Records. This Brooklyn-based label has been tied to DOOM for years, as well as artists such as Masta Killa, R.A. The Rugged Man, and Camp Lo.

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No word has been given as far as personnel. Onyx The Birthstone Kid has not been on a public radar in more than 20 years. Rodan, a founding member of the group before Mr. Hood, would team up with DOOM again by way of Monsta Island Czars. He was deeply involved in 2003’s Escape From Monsta Island, before exiting that group—as would DOOM.

In the past, acclaimed Hip-Hop groups including Dr. Octagon and Slum Village have released albums with just one founding member involved.

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There are 13 more singles expected from DOOM’s Adult Swim partnership. Last week, “Negus” released. This latest Sean Price collaboration with the villain, also appeared on last week’s Imperius Rex LP.

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This released last week.