MF DOOM Heads Rejoice…KMD’s 2nd Album Reissues as a Children’s Pop-Up Book (News)

There are multiple turning points in MF DOOM’s illustrious career. Still a major label artist, 1993 saw DOOM (then known as Zev Love X), Subroc, and Onyx The Birthstone Kid hard at work on their Mr. Hood follow-up, Black Bastards. Never released as intended by Elektra Records, the LP is marred in tragedy (DOOM’s twin brother Subroc was killed by an automobile during recording), controversy (given its title, artwork, and themes), and experimentation (in terms of drugs, music, and flow). Released nearly a decade later on Bigg Jus’ (Company Flow) imprint Sub Verse Music, the album proved to be a powerful touchstone on the group’s trailblazing vision, a turning point in New York City, and a launchpad for DOOM’s emotional reinvention.

DOOM’s own Metal Face Records is now behind a reissue, more than 20 years later, surrounding Black Bastards. For 2015’s Record Store Day, the storied LP will reappear, with a pop-up children’s book component.

Pitchfork reveals, “The [Metal Face Records] reissue will be released in the form of a children’s pop-up book and will come with 2 CDs and a 7″ picture disc. The first CD contains the remastered version of the original album, while the second contains bonus material. The 7″ contains the track ‘What a Niggy Know?’ A full vinyl edition of the reissue will be released in the near future.”

A photo of the pop-up featuring the album’s controversial character is below:


April 18 will see these limited edition reissues hit independent record stores. Previously, Mr. Hood has been re-released on vinyl and CD.

Read the full Pitchfork report.

In other news, DOOM is moving to Round 3 in Ambrosia For Heads’s “Finding The GOAT…” series, having defeated Elzhi by a sizable margin in Round 3. The KMD front man is now in the elite class of top 42 MCs in the bracket remaining.

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