Sean Price Passed Away 2 Years Ago Today. A New Video Shows His Legacy Lives On.

Two years ago today, the world lost a true one of a kind human being in Sean Price. To many, he was an elite lyricist first, but the Heltah Skeltah co-founder was also a loving husband, father, mentor, and a seemingly effortless comedian. P’s career extended back more than 20 years. Unlike so many of his peers, Sean’s solo and standout successes came in the second half, despite the challenges of a changing Rap landscape, a diminishing marketplace, and advancements in technology.

Boot Camp Clik & Wu-Tang Clan Join Forces On A Song That Makes You Duck Down (Audio)

Today (August 8), Imperius Rex was released by Duck Down Music. The second music video from the project does not feature P. However, the MC who regularly likened himself to a Rap gorilla is honored by a costumed gorilla that carries Sean’s traits for “Dead Or Alive.” The “punch-through-school-buses” antics of Ruck live in this video that features Hennessy swilling, cigarette-smoking, and punching in the way Sean regularly portrayed himself. Actor/podcast host Michael Rapaport appears as an irritable news reporter. The Duck Down family and Boot Camp Clik join him, including P’s longtime rhyme partner, Rockness Monstah. Set around the “Brownsville Zoo” (with a sign in somebody’s front yard), this is trademark Sean. Thirteen dollars admission gets zoo-goers a beat-down and a world entertainment.

In recent years, Sean’s persona lived through a series of simple but clever label videos similar to this. Even outside the mic booth, Ruck’s irreverent humor, strong candor, and Brooklyn bully demeanor connected him with many. Although lighthearted, this is a video tribute to that honors him and features his widow, Bernadette—who spits some gritty rhymes about her groom.

Sean Price & DOOM’s Collabo May Be The Most Rugged Hip-Hop Song Of The Year (Audio)

The track to this single is produced by The Adept (fka 4th Disciple). This is the Wu-Tang Clan affiliate known for hands in Raekwon’s “Criminology,” GZA’s “B.I.B.L.E.,” and Killarmy’s debut LP.

#BonusBeat: Stream Imperius Rex by Sean Price:

The posthumous LP features DOOM, Method Man, Prodigy, and many members of the Boot Camp Clik.