Meek Mill Says He’s Not Rapping For Money Anymore. He Wants To Be The Greatest (Video)

Meek Mill’s Wins & Losses album did not get the coveted #1 spot in its first full week available. However, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania MC appears to be in a place in his career where that may not be the biggest point. The Maybach Music Group/Warner Bros. Records artist used this third solo album to reflect on some of his apparent public mistakes in the recent past, and also make some meaningful art.

The Comeback Kid: Meek Mill Has Lost Many Battles, But He Just Might Win The War (Video)

“Price” closes out the LP. The song and its new video deal with those reaching for Meek’s pockets, and not getting the answer they want. “This the price of having money and the price of being great / Had to cut a couple homies, never heard them tell me thanks / I’ve been washing all my problems with these perks and all this drank / All that sh*t just made me tank, had me drawn let me paint / Four in the morning 88, graveyard shiftin’ it / A dollar to my name and I remembered it / A ni**as said I owe ’em, how? That sh*t the sound ridiculous / Tell a ni**a ‘no,’ and they gon’ show you who they really is,” he raps. Whether the streets or within the family, those using Meek to float them were expecting, not asking. Referring to his addictions at the time, the MC needed help too. Like a poem, the song unravels to its message using repetition: “This the price of being great, this the price of being great / Oh, this the price of being great, they hate you when you’re winning / But they love it when you when you break, this the price of being great.

The black-and-white video captures this feeling. Meanwhile, another video looks at this turning point in Meek’s career, and why Wins & Losses is so meaningful to a man that many counted out since 2015:

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