Scholito Is Freeway’s New Rothschilds Protege & He’s Got Something Cookin’ (Video)

Philadelphia-based Scholito Envoy and his producer S Frank invaded the Hip-Hop scene connected with State Property/Roc Nation artist Freeway. Being one-third of the New Rothchilds group, ‘Lito is here to make his artistry be known in the industry as a whole.

Scholito is part of the new talent representing the sound of Philadelphia. When it comes to his music, the MC gives his audience a sense of emotion embodied in his lyrics. Yet, he makes sure his flow is cultivated within the production. His latest project New God MC, Vol. 2 expressing the meaning of brotherly love with bars that symbolize the musical base of his city.

Freeway & Scholito Freestyle On Sway In The Morning (Video)

Scholito recently released the visual for his single “Cookin.” While watching the video, he gives his audience various examples of what is being braised in the kitchen.

During the first verse he says, “Ni**a looking like he hit the lottery / ‘Bout to be the greatest in the galaxy / I should put your shooters on a salary / Ni**as mad ’cause his baby mother follow me / I talk the talk and I walk the walk / Ni**as work stepped on like it’s Mazel Tov / Versace belts and my Timberlands / I just give them New Rothchilds emblems.”

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Here is the full stream of New God MC Vol. 2 featuring Dhazhea, Syretta Ocile, and Freeway:

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