AZ, Papoose & Mysonne Are Grown Men Who Are Unafraid To Rap Like It (Video)

Rap music about street exploits is a lot of what is made every single day. AZ, Papoose, and Mysonne have all done this, quite effectively, at various points in their respective careers. However, these three New York City MCs also know when it’s time to spit about the exit strategy—not just of the street, but also the self-centered life.

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These men appear on Kay Slay’s “Story Of My Life” video single and give just that. These MCs rap about the women in their lives, and roles as proud fathers. Life does not always begin with ease (especially in Brooklyn and the Bronx), but it’s about a pathway to happiness and peace. Moreover, “The Drama King” joins the cast of rappers in displaying some of the luxury items and lifestyle tokens that come with consistency in the music game. Growing up does not have to mean missing out.

This song appears on The Big Brother (September 22). Last week featured a collaboration from Busta Rhymes, The Game, and Tech N9ne (“Jealousy”). The week before, it was Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, Kevin Gates, and Rell on “Cold Summer.” After close to 40 years in Hip-Hop, the Harlem DJ/artist and producer appears to be out to make his biggest project to date.