Kid From Kid N Play Impersonates Colin Kaepernick For Jason Whitlock (Video)

Fox Sports 1 host and sports commentator Jason Whitlock is known for his polarizing takes about the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing discourse regarding the embattled NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

On Tuesday (September 5) during the network’s show Speak For Yourself, Whitlock discussed the still-unsigned QB. During this, he put himself at the center of a firestorm caused by his tweet which features a picture of himself smiling aside what some people alleged to be a white man mocking Kaepernick. The man next to Whitlock displayed a large afro, Kaepernick’s San Francisco 49ers jersey, mustache and beard, and a black glove raised in the air in Kaepernick’s likeness. That act sparked controversy, almost immediately.

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The tweeted picture from Whitlock caught much vitriol from several people, including HOT 97’s Ebro Darden, who responded on their social media channels.

Anyone know what is happening here?

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Turns out that wasn’t a white guy, as some thought. The impersonator was Chris “Kid” Reid from 1980s and early ’90s Hip-Hop and acting duo Kid N’ Play.

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The House Party movie series actor, comedian, rapper, and singer has been the subject of the backlash because of being an African-American man, like Whitlock, satirizing Kaepernick who infamously knelt during the National Anthem during last NFL season. Going into this NFL season, NFL team owners and general managers have glaringly marked Kaepernick too precarious to add him to their roster. The full segment featuring the act has yet to air on Fox Sports 1.

Among critics, POWER 105 host Charlemagne Tha God displayed his ire for Kid, pinning him as his “Donkey Of The Day” on The Breakfast Club. “I never said the [impersonator] was white, ’cause I honestly couldn’t tell if he was white or not, ’cause I honestly didn’t give a damn what the color of the  Kaepernick impersonator was…although I would never think in a million years that a Black man with any integrity or love for his people would make any light of what Colin is doing. But oh was I wrong. The Black man—or shall I say beige man pretending to be Colin Kaepernick was Kid from Kid ‘n Play.”

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