The Story of Kid ‘n Play Is Much More Complex Than Haircuts & Kick Steps. Watch Their Unsung Episode (Video)

In the late 80s and early 90s, Kid ‘n Play had an enviable string of hits in music, film and on TV, and they did it as nice guys. But, that doesn’t mean they didn’t have to overcome obstacles or battle with life’s ups and downs. Each had to grow up with the loss of a parent (one from prison and one from death), and each struggled with navigating the trappings of fame. Their episode of TV One’s Unsung tells the story of their journey.

In addition to Kid and Play, the episode features several key figures in the artists’ lives, including Tisha Campbell, Full Force, Kwame, DJ Wiz, Bill Maher and Martin Lawrence. While the show doesn’t have the rags-to-riches-to-tragedy-to-rise again arc that many such documentaries have, it provides a much more complex look into the lives of Christopher Martin and Christopher Reid than is conveyed by the fly haircuts, bright clothes and kick steps. Check out the full video.

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