Mathematics Explains How Dr. Dre’s 2001 Influenced His Production On The New Wu Album (Video)

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We are just over two weeks away from Wu-Tang Clan’s The Saga Continues album. Two singles have released, the latest came last week. Ambrosia For Heads caught up with Mathematics, who is at the production helm for this effort. In Los Angeles, the longtime DJ/producer said he applied something from Dr. Dre’s sophomore album into his craft. “That’s what I loved about [Dr.] Dre, ’cause Dre—my top two producers [are] RZA and Dre—and [2001], just like [Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)], you could listen from beginning-to-end, and all the songs mesh with each other perfectly. The sonics [too]. One thing about 2001—and me and Redman had this talk—I don’t care what [quality of sound system] you put it in, all the songs just have that sound, where it just still sounds great,” Mathematics told AFH, ahead of his direction on the October 13 LP. “So that’s one thing I want to accomplish with my music, and that’s what I took the time to really work on.” Other items in the news this week include Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) making history at the Emmy Awards, and plenty that took place in a still ongoing battle between the President and NFL players, coaches, and owners.

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