Jay Lonzo Shows JAY-Z Is Not The Only Brooklyn MC Dropping Jewels (Video)

Proving that often the best Hip-Hop is grounded in the local, albeit with international notes, “Last Drop” the most recent single from Crown Heights, Brooklyn MC Jay Lonzo, only further consolidates his status as one to watch.

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Much has been made of Lonzo’s youth. Last year he released the darker “Lights Out” when he was just 16 – following his breakthrough “Live! From Brooklyn.”

What shines through is a kind of relaxed sophistication, reinforced by accents akin to “Still D.R.E.,” deep in the mix, and a strong drum/bass interplay.

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Traffic noise, alongside meandering, dreamy music establishes the track, then Lonzo declares: “Yeah, we’re gonna do this / No adlibs / No hook / Just all facts …

Much to his credit, Lonzo keeps it light. Sure, he boasts that “99 years I eclipsed in a second,” but the goal here is to explain why he hasn’t dropped music in “a minute.” (He says he “was nervous of reactions” while declaring that “Trump [is] causing a Civil War”).

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Despite the heavy BK references, Jay Lonzo presents directly to the camera as the car cruises the streets, Lonzo carries an understated cool. He even says at one point: “too smooth.” Indeed.