When Loaded Lux Freestyles, You Gon’ Get That Work! (Video)

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While in the last few years he has begun to lay his rhymes to wax, Loaded Lux was forged in the art of freestyling and battle rap. After an unforgettable stint in the 2000s where he won 7 consecutive weeks on 106 & Park‘s “Freestyle Friday,” Lux went on to become the most high profile battle rapper in the sport. His contests with Calicoe, Hollow Da Don and Murda Mook stand as some of the greatest rap battles of all-time and everyone from artists to athletes has celebrated Lux’s catchphrase of “You gon’ get this work!”

Loaded Lux Joins DJ Premier For Bars In The Booth (Video)

Lux is the latest to appear in Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle series, and he gave the microphone plenty of work. He begins his verse almost like a casual conversation and gradually increases the intensity to the point of nearly becoming unhinged. Many times during his delivery, there are several moments when the Harlem MC can barely stay in his seat. Throughout, he drops double entendre after double entendre that require multiple listens to appreciate.

Flex’s demeanor during the freestyle says it all. The typically animated DJ, who often ad libs during his guests performances, sits back in complete silence. When Lux wraps it up, Flex simply leans in and says “Listen, I just want everyone to think carefully before you come up here after this.” Indeed.