Nas Lends His Words To A Remix For A$AP Rocky Affiliate Joe Fox (Audio)

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Nas has dropped guest verses for folks he believes in, across genre. British singer Joe Fox was a powerful force on A$AP Rocky’s At.Long.Last.A$AP album in 2015. He appeared on five songs, several of which were video singles. The singer’s delivery sounds like something out of the late ’60s, coming in clear with a slightly raspy cadence.

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Since Rocky and Fox’s chance encounter on the streets of London when the singer was a homeless busker, Fox’s sauntering acoustic guitar strums, smoky backup vocals, and hooks have attracted heavyweights such as Kanye West, Future, and M.I.A for his work.

Joe Fox has now caught the ear of Nas, and the Queensbridge legend has offered Fox a coveted 16. Fox released a solo single titled “What’s The Word” in July, and Nas has contributed a hot verse for a reworked version of Fox’s single. “No textin’ at intersections, keep your eyes on the road / Don’t be caught in the fast lane drivin’ slow … I’m surrounded by evil / Yo, they brutalize unarmed people / Everybody got this, everybody got that / Everybody’s rich / Everybody actin’ like they pockets are fat / Copy this and copy that / They probably diss somebody in the comments, you’d get bodied over that,” he spits, before calling out that killers get more respect than college grads.

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Fox makes a sullen song about addiction, depression, and disenchanting times. Those issues are plaguing countries across all oceans. However, the production is peppy, with Funk accents—not unlike the sounds of another British Nas collaborator, the late Amy Winehouse.

Nas is currently on tour with Lauryn Hill and Chronixx. His last album Life Is Good was released in 2012, and he confirmed in April that he is slated to release a new one later this year.

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#BonusBeat: The video single to the original version of “What’s The Word”:

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