Big K.R.I.T. Has Made An Anthem Fit For A King & It Deserves A Second Video

In just over a week (October 27), Big K.R.I.T. will release 4Eva Is A Mighty Long Time. The double-album marks a return to independence, and the DIY days when the Meridian, Mississippi multi-threat made as good of a free project as Heads can get: 2010’s KritWuzHere and 2011 follow-up ReturnOf4Eva. In two albums at Def Jam, Krizzle expanded the presentation and raised awareness. However, back on his own, the possibilities somehow seem more limitless.

Second 4Eva… single “Keep The Devil Off” already debuted as a “Take One” video. The MC rapped his words with conviction in grainy, black-and-white video. However, the follow-up to “Confetti” is not done, visually. Keeping the black-and-white theme, K.R.I.T. takes “Keep The Devil Off” back home. In a truly supernatural presentation, a male teen protagonist tries to navigate complicated waters of public housing and uses music and dance to literally take flight. With corner-boys, hand-to-hand sales, and so much pressure around, he turns to Hip-Hop and Funk-Blues to keep evil at bay. The sequence is inter-cut with some of the original footage from earlier in the month. Perhaps the video is symbolic of Krizzle’s own progression, and rise above the traps. This falls nicely into the canon of K.R.I.T. anthems of the past, such as “Hometown Hero,” “Soul Food,” and the rallying “Mt. Olympus.”

The 2LP appears to be entirely Big K.R.I.T.’s show, with 11 tracks on each disc. As an added note, K.R.I.T. is presently directing the music on Bun B’s upcoming Bernard album, reportedly including lots of production.