Joey Bada$$ Turns His Amerikkkan Idol Into A 2017 Version Of JAY-Z’s Dead Presidents (Video)

Joey Bada$$ is fast at work promoting his 2017 sophomore album. All AmeriKKKan Bada$$ is the Brooklyn, New Yorker’s second consecutive #5 debut. While stopping by the BBC, the Pro Era front man performed LP closer “AMERIKKKAN IDOL.” The DJ Khalil (of Self Scientific) cut features such strong lyrics as “Now you tryna rebound, I’m livin’ in the now / While the future figure me out / Told mommy pick a place, yo, and we out / ‘Cause Bed-Stuy’ a little unsafe for me now / That’s why I keep the .40 loaded with no safety around / Never thought I’d have to hold it, I’m just holdin’ it down / Protect my neck and my crown, patrol throughout the town / And they judgin’ just ’cause my skin color is brown / And for that, they want to leave me dead in the ground / And have the nerve to blame it all on my background / Sorry white America, but I’m about to black out / Got a message for the world and I won’t back out / So turn the kid raps loud, I’m about to spazz out.

For his TV performance, Badmon does not do the obvious. Instead, it’s just him and a pianist (Dave). The keys play the melody to Dr. Lonnie Liston Smith’s “A Garden Of Peace,” sampled by Ski Beatz for JAY-Z’s “Dead Presidents.” The mash-up is gentle and evocative. Joey’s words penetrate as he shows that he truly made an album that serves as a statement on these times and his head-space.

Last month, JAY-Z hit the same stage with a performance that beautifully involved a choir.

#BonusBeat: A recent tour bus freestyle session with Logic shows that Joey Bada$$ still leaves and breathes Hip-Hop just as he did before fame and success. Ambrosia For Heads examined the moment in a recent episode of LAST 7:

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