The Artifacts’ First Album In 20 Years Is On Its Way (Video)

New Jersey’s Artifacts are revered as forefathers to the late ’90s Underground Hip-Hop movement. MCs El Da Sensei and Tame One threw up their graffiti roots on important singles such as 1994’s “Wrong Side Of Da Tracks” and called out for a culture of purists on “C’Mon Wit Da Get Down.” Both of those singles belong to debut Between A Rock And A Hard Place. Three years later, Tame, El, and DJ Kaos followed up with That’s Them for the same Big Beat Records subsidiary of Atlantic.

In the 20 years since the MCs focused on solo material. El would join the Seven Heads label that included J-Live as well as Asheru & Blue Black. Meanwhile, Tame made collaborative efforts with Del The Funkee Homosapien and Cage, as well as joined lyricist collective The Weathermen, among other ventures. In 2009, the trio reunited during Rocksteady Crew anniversary weekend in their native Newark. They since released a handful of reunion tracks, including 2012’s standout “Easter,” produced by Soul Council’s Khrysis.

In a new interview with 24HH XL member with Sadat X, the whole crew appears together in Chicago. El makes an announcement just ahead of the 3:00 mark. “Nothing has changed about The Artifacts except the rhymes got better, and the beats are doper. And we’re comin’ with a new album, coming very soon. We got an EP coming soon; I’m not gonna give nothin’ away, but it’s an EP coming soon.” The added that the group remains actively touring, before Tame promotes the ‘Fact’s sustainability through “mad features.”

Other groups suggesting at upcoming albums after lengthy hiatuses include Leaders Of The New School and EPMD.

Earlier this year, The ‘Facts released video single “Salt Garden” with Melvin Junko.