Conway, Westside Gunn & Termanology Wreck A Great Statik Selektah Beat. It’s That Simple (Video)

“Can it be that it was all so simple then.” Often song titles, specific words or certain visuals lend themselves to clever narratives and plays on words with respect to the subject. However, sometimes great music is just that: great music.

Such is the case for Statik Selektah’s latest release, “No. 8,” featuring Conway, Westside Gunn & Termanology. Each MC has been incredibly active this year, with Conway and Westside signing to Eminem’s Shady Records, releasing mixtapes and destroying a number of freestyles, including the BET Cypher, in their wake. Termanology also has been steady on the grind, with his joint album, Anti-Hero, with Slaine, freestyles of his own and several featured guest appearances. Thus, the story is not in the rarity of their product either. Instead, it’s simple. Three talented MCs who rhyme strictly for the love of the culture have assembled on a track by one of Hip-Hop’s finest and purest producers, and each has brought his A-game.

The result is one of the hardest-hitting tracks of the year. With a video that sets the tone from the outset, including footage of what appears to be a true-life altercation that occurred during the filming of the visuals, Conway, Westside and Term use Statik’s soulful soundtrack as the backdrop to paint lyrical pictures filled with grit and grime. For those who like lyricism and hard-scrabble, no-nonsense rhymes, it gets no better.