CyHi The Prynce’s Gospel Is Designed To Help All Reach Their Dreams (Audio)

CyHi The Prynce’s just-released “God Bless Your Heart” is the latest single from his debut LP, No Dope On Sundays due to drop this Friday (November 17).

Along with a preview stream of the Sony release, the Atlanta, Georgia MC recently told NPR, “Even though it’s rough in our neighborhoods, we still wake up and thank God that we’re alive, and get back to it. You’d be surprised how a lot of people will break down in that situation. But our people have that mental fortitude to keep going and keep searching for those dreams.” He continued, “That’s what ‘God Bless [Your Heart]’ is about — being blessed to be alive,” but after that, CyHi added, “you got to go get it.”

Produced by Brandon Black and Mark Byrd, “God Bless Your Heart” is a powerful song from the G.O.O.D Music affiliate that shows off The Prynce’s formidable talent sustaining drama and his signature smart rhymes. Commercial, certainly, but the song is full of substance and straight from the heart. Speaking with Sway In The Morning, CyHi described the track with, “I want to show them [kids] how to overcome different things. It’s talking about single parent mothers, abortions, cancer, shootouts fist-fights, jail, people getting killed. I’m kind of just telling the week of the average inner-city kid or young man coming up in America. [I am] showing them I went through these same things and overcame to a higher spiritual being.”

There’s plenty of depth in “God Bless Your Heart.” Some of the lyrical wordplay reflects an MC in full flight, justifiably proud of his ability to make imaginative links that pack a punch. This includes quality wordplay riffing on the name of Tupac’s mother, (“A fiending son on Death Row, I’ma die behind these bars”). Apart from the smarts, the line has serious intent, showing as it does the extent of the rapper’s devotion to his craft.

Earlier, CyHi creates a strong image entering the holiday season. He raps, “Every flow is a thumbs up / I give you my spirit ’til all my ni**as’ wrists is un-cuffed / It’s hard to celebrate Christmas as a Black man / ‘Cause like ornaments on trees, that’s just how we was hung up.” Such contrast between smart lyricism and social commentary characterizes CyHi The Prince’s technique, setting him apart from the competition.

Last week, CyHi tackled Sway’s “5 Fingers Of Death” freestyle challenge in a way that prompted the host to claim that he “may be the best rapper out.”

CyHi The Prynce has been building anticipation for Friday’s release via multiple singles; Kanye West featured on previous “Dat Side” that came out two weeks ago. Other artists to appear on the No Dope on Sundays include Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Estelle, BJ The Chicago Kid and Pusha T.