De La Soul’s Latest Music Video Has Dave Making A Serious Health Announcement

De La Soul is at work promoting 2016’s Grammy-nominated album, and the anonymous nobody... Videos continue to drop in support of the self-released LP featuring 2 Chainz, Pete Rock, Snoop Dogg, David Byrne, and many others.

“Royalty Capes” is the latest. The song released ahead of the album, in July of last year. It was D.L.S.’s response to being called “legends” (a label that Plug 1 said they are uncomfortable with). However, having made some of Hip-Hop’s best albums for 27 years and counting, they own their legacy, and proudly done “Royalty Capes.”

The music video begins on a much more somber note. Dave (fka Trugoy) reveals that he has been battling congestive heart failure. At what appears to be his home in Maryland, the accomplished MC and producer describes his diagnosis. He shows the camera his Life Vest, a machine that he says, “will shock me, and hopefully bring me back from the matrix. I’m ready just to get back to the stage. I miss it. I love traveling; I love being around my guys. And I want that back.”

In recent years, Hip-Hop lost another Native Tongues great in Phife Dawg to kidney failure, as well as artists like Heavy D, Sean Price, Prodigy, and DJ Crazy Toones to issues related to health.

In the vid’, the announcement is contrasted with what Dave misses so much: the road. De La is international royalty. Artful vignettes capture the Long Island, New Yorkers across the give, helping fans of all languages find “DA Inner Soul Y’all.” In the footage, a delighted Plug 2 is seen touching the fans and doing something he’s great at.

Last month, Prince Paul released an early 2000s reunion with De La Soul that shows their incredible chemistry together in three different decades. The producer then gave the song away for free with the rest of his Politics Of Business Redux.

#BonusBeat: A TBD episode from earlier this month looks back on July 2, 1996. That was the day that De La Soul released Stakes Is High and Nas dropped It Was Written. This day and these two albums may have changed the direct of Hip-Hop ever since.

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