The Roots Want To Score The Star-Studded New Lion King Remake

UPDATE: Following this month’s news of a 2019 Lion King remake by Disney, Questlove says The Roots crew want to be down. With an exciting cast in place (as reported below), Quest believes his band makes perfect sense to score the film. On social media, the Grammy Award-winning drummer, composer, producer, DJ, and band-leader of The Roots contacted Disney, seeking consideration.

The 1994 Lion King Soundtrack featured Academy Award-winning music from Elton John, Hans Zimmer, and songs from cast members including  Whoopi Goldberg and Nathan Lane.

Um, anyone scoring this @Disney? #AskingForAMusicianInNeedOfA20thJob

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The Roots’ music has long been tied to film. In 1996, “The Good, The Bad, The Desolate” appeared on Big Beat Records’ High School High Soundtrack. In 1997, the band collaborated with D’Angelo for “The Notic” as it appeared in Men In Black. Amel Larrieux and Roots video collabo’ “Glitches (The Skin You’re In)” was attached to Down To Earth. Catalog hits like “The Seed 2.0” (Collateral, I Think I Love My Wife) and “Here I Come” (Superbad, Hancock, Step Up: 3D) have been licensed to film. Earlier this year, The Roots and Bilal released “It Ain’t Fair” for Detroit.

The Roots’ are believed to be wrapping their 18th album this month. It is tentatively titled End Game.

On a related note, Migos’ Quavo also suggested the trio do the part of the hyenas in the film:

ORIGINAL NOVEMBER 1 STORY: Approaching twenty-five years after the original Lion King, Disney is remaking the beloved all-ages film. With today’s (November 1) announcement of the 2019 film, the studios announced a cast for the voices that includes some kings and queens of Hollywood, pulling from music, comedy, television and more.

The film, planned for roughly one year and a half from now will include Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) in the lead role of “Simba.” Beyoncé is confirmed to play the female lead “Nala,” while James Earl Jones will reprise his role of “Mustafa.” TV’s Keegan-Michael Key takes the introduced role of “Kamari,” as John Oliver will play horn-bill bird “Zazu.” Meanwhile, TV host and experimental comedian Eric Andre will play what appears to be a new character, “Azizi.”

Other cast members include Seth Rogen (“Pumbaa”), Alfre Woodard (“Sarabi”), Chiwetel Ejiofor (“Scar”), and Black Panther’s Florence Kasumba (“Shenzi”).

With the exception of Jones’ role, the 1994 version of the film used primarily white actors to voice the characters. That film became the 29th highest-grossing film of all-time, as it was adapted to a Broadway musical. Its music earned two Academy Awards.

As Donald Glover is part of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the MC/musician takes the lead in two of the modern world’s most beloved film franchises.