MC Eiht And DJ Premier Have Got That East-West G-Funk On Lock (Video)

For years, people have associated G-Funk with the West Coast. However, despite the perennial association with artists like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Warren G and DJ Quik, the genre is also deeply rooted on the East Coast. Erick Sermon was perhaps the first producer in Hip-Hop to employ the thunderous Funk samples of artist like Zapp, on songs like “You Gots To Chill.” Jermaine Dupri employed G-Funk regularly, and even claimed to have invented the style of music. Also, over the years, several East Coast artists, from Nas to Talib Kweli, have made their contributions to the catalog.

The latest East-West pairing of G-Funk comes courtesy of DJ Premier and MC Eiht. Eiht tapped Preemo as the executive producer of his album, Which Way Iz West, and, rather than simply tailor his distinct style of Boom Bap for Eiht, Preem crafted a project filled with diverse sounds. No songs showcase this more than “Got That.” The Brenk Sinatra-produced track, features Premier on the hook and Eiht flexing his trademark flow over a gang of Funk.

Both Eiht and Premier appear in the no frills video, though never together. Eiht is shown in various locales in Cali, while Premier shouts him out from his studio in NYC. Though maybe not intentional, the imagery reinforces the notion that G-Funk is, indeed, without boundaries.