Mick Jenkins Calls Out Blood Suckers In His Circle & Still Spreads Love (Audio)

Mick Jenkins is up to something. The Chicago, Illinois MC released “Vampire In Brooklyn.” It is neither a Halloween hangover or an homage to Eddie Murphy’s film. Instead, Mick emphatically spits about those not showing love within his circle.

The creator of 2014’s acclaimed The Water[s] and strong ’15 follow-up Wave[s] looks back at his rise and seemingly raps about a one-sided situation. “Try’na’ drop The Water[s], I’m just getting my feet wet with the business / Who knew I’d be in bed with the snakes / Taking off, and I’m already on my brakes / Ain’t seen no cake yet with chains on / They tell me that that’s just the breaks / So I copped a chainsaw I’m on my ‘Leatherface’ now / Like, f*ck your pepper spray / I do it way too fly for featherweights / And almost Kyrie when I hesitate / Know this sh*t gon’ resonate / I just put my 10 in a collection plate / And pray about it / It really ain’t much else to say about it / I’m on my drug dealer chic / Moms got the pocket rocket / I just copped an old school to roll through the streets / Now I’m plotting on 26 acres, f*ck a lease / Try’na’ raise a pack of dogs, f*ck a leash / I be with my b*tch, she be on her sh*t / And she keep me on mines / I don’t own no watch to keep me on time,” raps Mick. It’s not entirely clear if he’s addressing Rap peers or former executives he ran with, but naivety and money are definitely part of the Southsider’s rant.

The chorus references one of Biggie’s most beloved lines as Mick seems to throw some water on a New Yorker formerly of his circle. “Scoop up a ni**a ‘fore he learn the ropes / Take from that ni**a when he look away / Working real hard, he gon’ earn his broke / Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way / Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way / Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way / Take from that ni**a when he look away / Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.” Last year, he released a video single under “Spread Love.”

It was just over one year ago, that M-I-C-K’s Sway In The Morning freestyle left the show host speechless.

“Vampire In Brooklyn.” is produced by GreenSLLIME. Recently, Jenkins has provided powerful impact to EarthGang’s Rags EP and Joey Purp’s iiiDrops. Online, Jenkins says Heads can expect another “Mickstape” any day now.